Reading Roundup – Autumn Hooky edition

October 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the hidden gems of Howard County, Patapsco Valley State Park’s Cascade Falls in the Orange Grove area.

We’ve been out enjoying the lovely autumn weather and planning our upcoming Mama Lucia’s event on October 23, so I hope you’ll enjoy this list of inspiring reads from around the interwebs! What are you reading? What bloggers get you going? Share!

Top 10 Power Tips for Engaging Your Audience

We are pleased to welcome Cheryl Pullins to the Board of the Pinnacle Empowerment Center! You can see from her blog some of the fantastic talents and energy she brings. In this post, she has some great tips for engaging your audience whether you’re building your own business or heading out for that next job interview. Being prepared and punctual not only keeps you from starting out flustered, and sets the stage for success.

What Makes for Good LinkedIn Recommendation?

Coach Randi Bussin has some great tips on Linked In Recommendations. She recommends personally reaching out to the individual on what the recommendation should include. LinkedIn is a powerful tool and many companies use LinkedIn as a screening tool for applicants!

Summer Reinvention Book List

A friend of The Empowerment Center, Jennifer Ransaw Smith of BRANDid compiled a fantastic list of inspiring reads. I know it was for the summer, but as the weather cools and we move indoors, it is a great time to pick up a few great reads!

Cycle Worse, Cycle Better

But identifying the down cycle and investing in replacing it with the up cycle is the one and only best strategy. “ Seth Godin points out this works for both individuals and businesses. It is unrealistic to expect the outside stressors to stop or change when you can control how you respond instead.

When to Ignore Organizing Advice

It might seem counter-intuitive on an organizing website, but Deb at Unclutter points out that systems that are too complex or onerous are doomed to fail! Craig Jarrow at Time Management Ninja points out this can be a problem for your Time Management Systems as well!

Have you read or run across anything inspiring lately?

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