Vacation From My Vacation

August 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sometimes you just need to point out the obvious! A view from Tuolumne Meadow in Yosemite National Park in California.

Summer is drawing to a close.  The Back To School stuff is out in the stores.  Our vacation is over.  Time to push the reset button and get back into the regular groove.  I love the end of summer and start of autumn.  It feels like the new year and it holds all sorts of promise for the coming months ahead.

We’ve been on an epic vacation this summer and now that we’re home, I’ve got reset everything from internal clocks to habits to getting things accomplished professionally.

Take a vacation to recover from the vacation.   I deliberately didn’t schedule anything this week.  Nor did I have high hopes for my output so I didn’t have a To Do list for this week.  We’re home and we’re taking care of laundry, unpacking, grocery shopping, and other errands, but my goal has been only one or two things daily.

Resetting good habits.  We have a variety of habits from eating right to exercising that were haphazardly adhered to on our trip.  I am not going to get all of them reset at one time so I have prioritized and am focused on one at a time.  First up, resetting our internal clocks from Mountain & Pacific Time back to Eastern.  That’s been hard especially for my second grader.

Resetting the budget.   We have a budget and I track our spending monthly so we can ensure we’re meeting our goals.  The vacation was outside the norm of regular spending and I have to stop the habit of whipping out the credit card.  We’re not on vacation anymore and I need to return to my habits of shopping lists and staying out of stores, thus “stopping the shopping momentum” as discussed by writer Sierra Black at Get Rich Slowly.

The To Do List.  I love my To Do List.  It keeps me sane.  This week as things have drifted up into my consciousness, I have jotted them down on the list to get to.  My list is a sheet of paper with columns where I create categories and slot the task into the appropriate place.  It looks a little like this.  My list this week is more of a brain dump of things to do and it’s helpful to write it down knowing I won’t forget it.

Get elementary.  I ran across this great idea of creating door hangers with chores written on clothespins from Lora at My Blessed Life.  Now, I know this is for kids, but I thought it would be fantastic for me to tackle of the some daily routines I want to cultivate.  I spent yesterday working on creating one for me to help me with some of my goals such as remembering to take my vitamins and trying to get my five servings of fruits and veggies (it’s harder than you might think!).  I can move the clip as I do something and a quick glance will show me what I still need to accomplish during the day.

My finished product. Not too cute but definitely gets to the point!

With the approaching start of the school year, the sight of fresh school supplies is tantalizing and promising.  This is the time of year when I review and renew my goals rather than waiting for New Year’s Day.  But, as we recover from our cross-country trip, I remember the words of the very wise Father Kemper, “Go easy on yourself!”  By jotting things down as they come to me, I can slot them into my to do list where I have time and energy.  I also know that by focusing on the basics of sleeping, eating, and exercising, I will have enough energy and brain power to tackle the other items on my list.

What about you?  Got any tips for recovering from vacation and resetting for the autumn?

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