Using the Virtual Career Center’s Resume Builder to Get Started

July 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is the second post in a series about Pinnacle Empowerment Center’s Virtual Career Center. As I explore the system, I am sharing highlights of how it works.

So the biggest thing in my career exploration that I had been dreading was writing my resume (insert doomful music here). It had literally been years since I had updated mine. Did I take the good advice to add new things and accomplishments as I did them? Nope. Thank goodness I had been keeping an electronic portfolio of sorts of the things I have been up to both career-wise and for volunteering. Still, it was a task that almost made me want to go scrub the bathroom instead.

One morning, I got up early so no one could distract me, got a huge cup of coffee,  and prepared to do a brain dump. I figured I would log into the VCC and spit it all out and worry about the order, grammar, and keywords later. I eventually figured out that you could put each accomplishment as a bullet in an individual box. It also saved these so if you needed to recycle them for another job position, you could.

A screen shot of where you entered your various accomplishments into the resume builder.

I could edit and move things around fairly easily, but honestly I still needed input from someone with expertise. Naturally, I called on Cindy for help! And as always, she shared her insight. I downloaded the resume out of the VCC into Word (you can also export into a PDF to keep your formatting solid). Cindy offered some fantastic tips and adjusted the formatting a bit to help me better organize my thoughts.

A screen shot of the re-ordering tool. You could drag bullet points into different places.

As with the assessments, this is a great tool to use to make your one on one coaching sessions more productive. Using the setup provided by the VCC, it broke the resume building down into more management, less intimidating chunks. Cindy then took the information I had provided and gave me a solid critique on how to better organize it before submitting. Knowing that I need to customize the resume for each position means that I can rearrange the relevant pieces as needed.

For someone getting started with such a big task, the VCC broke it down into more manageable chunks.  I was also able to save and work on it over the course of several days as I had time and energy.

Check out our VCC at one of our upcoming live demos! Email for more information!


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