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I am from Georgia and generally within a few minutes of meeting me, most people note that I do not have a Maryland accent. While ten years in mid-Atlantic have mitigated some of the accent, I still enjoy tweaking my Northeastern bred husband (who has no accent to speak of, bless his heart) with the occasional use of “ya’ll” and “bidness”. When he’s talked to his mother on the phone, I always enjoy trotting out “So, how’s yore mamanym doin’?” For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “mamanym” means “Mama & them” and it means your mother and the general circle of people in her orbit.

One of my original Mamanyms – Miss Ellen, my childhood neighbor and all around wonderful lady. Photo courtesy of another Mamanym, Mickie at the Henry County Times.

The forming of groups of women who support each other has been on my mind over the last few weeks as we’ve been planning the Women’s Empowerment Conference, discussing our Empowerment Circle and Job Club, and recent advice that I find my “pack” to help me with my career goals. We women like to move in packs because doing things in a group is always more fun. Even if we didn’t show up somewhere with a pack, we’ll usually find find one in the face of any adversity, such as a long ladies’ room line.

Our Mamanym are our original success support group. They held us accountable and provided support as we moved forward in our lives. They didn’t let us get away with lying to them about our progress, but most of all, they never let us get away with lying to ourselves. I have been fortunate in my life to have accumulated several groups of women who have filled that role, both personally and professionally. Sometimes they are older and sometimes they are my peers. Most are moms themselves, but all of them without exception, have shared unselfishly of themselves and have nurtured and encouraged those around them. While most people might say “mentors”, I, clinging to my twang, like think of them as my mamanyms.

All of us here at Pinnacle Empowerment Center wish everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to tell your Mamanym how much you appreciate them.

Special thanks to the Henry County Times for the use of the picture!

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