Group Fun!

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Everything is more fun in a group right?  Think about going to the movies versus watching a DVD at home by yourself.  What is more energizing than hearing people around laughing or gasping with you as the plot unfolds?  I find it interesting that when you put a group of people together, they start talking and after a few minutes interesting things begin to emerge and you wind up having a memorable conversation and maybe making a new friend or business connection.

If you’re job searching or building a business or managing any major life change, finding a group to support you is one of the best and easiest ways to get started.  Not only will you make connections with others who have a similar interest, you will be able to benefit from their stories and advice, not to mention a cheering section who understands what you’re going through.  Where do you find this network?

  • Linked In – you are on Linked In aren’t you?  Look along the top and find the Groups tab.  You can either browse through groups Linked In suggests or their full directory.  Take a look at your connections and see what groups they belong to on the site.  Be sure to be active, don’t just be a “lurker”!
  • Twitter – If you’re on Twitter, take a look at who you’re following and see who THEY are following or if they have public lists they share for various interests.  Take some time to get involved with the Tweet Chats and interact.  Take a look at the suggestions under the #Discover tab and see what the computers at Twitter suggest!
  • Professional Associations – If there’s a professional association for pipe organ builders, odds are there’s a professional association for your industry! Find it and join it.  Many have live events, job boards, and online groups you can join. Not only will this help you build a network, it will also help stay current on skills and trends in your area.
  • Meetup – another online portal for finding people of similar interest.  A quick search for job clubs turned up several results in our area.  It is also great for personal interests such as learning a foreign language or hiking!
  • Local organizations – visit your local library to see if local groups are meeting there or peruse the calendar of your local paper for interesting events.  Don’t just restrict yourself to job searching events, even an event of personal interest such as a wine tasting might yield a valuable contact.

Part of our vision for the Empowerment Center is for it to be a place where women come for information and support as they plan and manage their careers and work toward their goals and long-term success and stability.  Cindy is hosting our free monthly Job Club on Tuesday, February 7th at 10:00 in our office.  Maria hosts a monthly Empowerment Circle on third Wednesday of each month for women who want something different but aren’t exactly sure what that means.  Join us and meet other women and start building your network for change because everything is more fun in a group!

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