Resumes, Big Dreams, & Maryland Women

January 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here are few random reads from all us here at Pinnacle as we wind down the month of January!

Cindy posted on our Linked In discussion group an interesting article “What Recruiters Look For On Your Resume in 15 Seconds”.  How do your personal marketing materials compare?

Maria passed on this interesting website for the radio show, Women Talk Live.  Check out the blog post about dreaming big. What are your big dreams or audacious goals for 2012?

If you have ever driven down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and wondered who Gladys Noon Spellman was and why the Parkway is dedicated to her, visit the Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame  and take a walk through Maryland history.  A great way to have a few conversation starters for your next networking event!  Some of my favorite picks are below.  Which ones were your favorite?

Margaret Brent – petitioned the Maryland General Assembly in 1648 for the right to vote as a landholder and as attorney for Lord Baltimore.

Mary Young Pickersgill – In an age with no social safety nets, Pickersgill worked for housing, job placement, and financial assistance for women.  She is best known for sewing the “Star Spangled Banner” currently housed at the Smithsonian.

Mother Mary Elizabeth Lange – A refugee from Santa Domingo, she founded the first order of African American nuns in the Catholic Church, the Oblate Sisters of Providence in 1829 in Baltimore.  A Servant of God, she’s on the path to being recognized for sainthood by the Catholic Church, joining another Marylander St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

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