Top 15 popular job websites & some quick resume tips!

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Top 15 Job Websites here:

A few quick resume tips:

  • The Right Title: Use the job title you are interested in, and one that matches your qualifications. People keep putting career choices that have nothing to do with their qualifications. Hence, use the right title for an effective impac
  • Grab Eyeballs: Never underestimate the importance of a well-designedresume. The recruiter will immediately notice your resume and be inclined to read it
  • Take Help: Swallow your pride and take help from professional websites that provide the correct resume formats and designs. The formats on them are tried and tested
  • Clear and Concise: No need to add needless information in the resume. Keep it as clear and readable as possible with all the relevant information.
  • Advertisement: In an age where even fast food vendors advertise themselves, why should you stay behind? Your resume should be an advertisement for your skills and qualifications.
  • Take Cover: Another important part of your resume is the cover letter. A good cover letter is like an introduction about the candidate and helps the recruiters understand your personality, which is half the battle won.
  • Tech-Know-How: Companies look after candidates with sound technical knowledge. Today, technology is used even in the most menial jobs; hence, it is an added advantage if you have good technical knowledge.
  • Specify: Companies mostly look for candidates that have a specific qualification. If you have that specific qualification, like the use of a specific computer program etc, mention this fact and it will surely land you the right offer.
  • Keep it Professional: Your resume has to be professional at all costs. Resist the temptation of using different fonts. Use professional fonts like Times New Roman or Calibri that are readable. Weird fonts are justified only if theresume is of a designer of any other artistic profile.Mind Your Language: The language used in the resume is important. Make sure it is written in an active voice, which subconsciously registers in the mind of the reader
  • Proof Read: There are quite a few resumes mistakes that make rounds in joke websites; make sure your resume is not one of them. Proof read your resume well and remove even minor errors.

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