Our Mission at Pinnacle Empowerment Center…

May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dorothea Lange, taken during the Great Depression

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With the economic downturn in the area, there’s been an increase in women falling into poverty or deeper into poverty by losing their jobs, incurring increased debt, losing their homes and being unable to meet basic needs for themselves and their families. Area social service providers have seen an increase in demand for services in the community.

The focus has traditionally been on short term ad hoc crisis services, which are not comprehensive enough to help a woman who is about to fall into poverty or already in poverty and falling deeper into it.

The Pinnacle Empowerment Center is offering intensive coaching; counseling and training to the most vulnerable women in the region in four key areas to help women earn family-sustaining wages and provide the tools they need to attain economic security.

  • Overcoming barriers to success
  • Pathways to family-sustaining jobs and careers and entrepreneurship
  • Financial Education, Asset Building and Wealth Creation
  • Education and Training Options for long term success
  • Resource Coordination to help with stabilization and prevention services.
  • Women and their families will know the resources that are available in the community in the event that a crisis occurs in their lives.
-Pinnacle Empowerment Center in Elkridge, MD 20175 (410) 799-1097 ext. 301

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